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Construction and Design Manual 2023
SR2 research collaboration featured
Imaginaries on Matter 2023
supermanoeuvre Practice Feature and Interview
BEST Design Awards 2022
RePete Chair Winner BEST Design Award/td>
Fabric[ated] 2023
NEST HiLo Project Featured and Cover
Good Design Awards 2023
RePete Chair Winner Good Design Gold Award
Create: Building Better 2023
NEST HiLo Project Cover Story
Folio: The Elements of Design 2023
Smart Vault Project Cover Story
Financial Review 2023
"NSW puts Indigenous design at centre of new park tender"
Good Design Awards 2023
"RE PETE" Chair Featured
Architizer: The World's Best Architecture 2022
Periscope Canopy Featured
Edition Detail: Robust Resilient Resistant 2021
NEST HiLo 1:1 Roof Prototype Featured and Cover
Good Design Awards 2021
Periscope Canopy Featured
Future Prototyping 2020
University of Melbourne Press
Supersuccah, Tailored Form + Dark Crafts Pavilion Featured
Architect's Newspaper 2018
NEST HiLo 1:1 Roof Prototype Featured
AZURE 2018
"Concrete is Becoming Smarter, More Sustainable..."
Dave Pigram interviewed and NEST HiLo Featured
The Economist (UK/International Edition) 2017
“3D printing and clever computers could revolutionise construction”. NEST HiLo Featured
Architect  2017
Newspaper of the American Institute of Architects
NEST Hilo Featured
Edition Detail: Beyond Bending 2017
Reimagining Compression Shells
'Beyond the Slab II: Concrete' Featured
Material Strategies in Digital Fabrication 2017
Edited by Christopher Beorkrem
PreVault Project Featured
AD Parametricism 2.0 2016
Guest Edited by Patrick Schumacher
Wiley, UK
Rabotic Fabrication in Art and Architecture 2016 2016
'Towards Adpative Part Variation'
Peer-reviewed research
AD Material Synthesis 2015
Guest Edited by Achim Menges
NEST Hilo Project Featured
Platform Digital Tectonics  2015
Guest Edited by Achim Menges
NEST Hilo Project Featured
AR 134 - Authority 2015
Architectural Review Asia Pacific
“Long Division: The Drawing(s) of Architecture” sM Essay
Advances in Architectural Geometry 2014 2014
Peer Reviewed Research.
PreVault and Gaudi's Puffy Jacket Featured
Architecture Bulletin 2014
Spring 2014, Digital Dialogues
Essay by Iain Maxwell and Dave Pigram
eVolo 06 2014
Digital and Parametric Architecture
City Breeder and Cloud’s of Venice projects featured
Perspecta 46 - Error 2013
The Yale Architectural Journal
The Clouds of Venice Project Featured
Detail Magazine 2013
5:2013, Einfach und Komplex
Ribbed Catalan Project Shown
Archilab: Naturalising Architecture 2013
HYX, Paris
Living Morphologies and Trabeculae Projects Featured
Performative Materials in Architecture and Design 2013
Intellect Ltd, United Kingdom
Q&A with Dave Pigram, Brandon Clifford and Wes McGee
Archithese 2013
International Architecture Journal based in Zurich
NEST HiLo and Fatty Shell Projects Shown
Architecture Australia 2013
"Questioning Myth Making"
Interview.  May/June 2013
The Shape of Things to Come 2013
Australia Unlimited Commissioned Article about supermanoeuvre
Written by Andrew MacKenzie
AD The Innovation Imperative 2013
Guest Edited by Pia Edie Brown, Mark Burry and Andrew Burrow. Wiley, UK.
Log 25 2012
Guest Edited by Francois Roche
'Long Divide' Essay by Iain Maxwell and Dave Pigram
Common Ground. Venice Architecture Biennale 2012 2012
Curated by David Chipperfield
supermanoeuvre and Clouds of Venice Project Featured.
Formations: New Practices in Australian Architecture 2012
Book by Anthony Burke and Gerard Reinmuth
supermanoeuvre and Clouds of Venice Project Featured.
Formations: New Practices Catalogue 2012
Curated by Anthony Burke and Gerard Reinmuth
supermanoeuvre one of six Australian practices exhibited.
Digital Fabrication in Architecture 2012
Lawrence King Publishing, United Kingdom
Robotic Rod Bending and Foam Printing Research Featured
AD Scripting Cultures 2011
Guest Edited by Mark Burry
supermanoeuvre Interviewed.
Fabricate 2011, London 2011
'Matter and Making' Essay by Dave Pigram and Wes McGee
University of Michigan robotic fabrication research published
Plat Issue 1.5 2011
Rice University Journal of Architecture
Trabeculae Project Shown
Love Lace 2011
Powerhouse International Lace Design Award Book
Pricking Project Featured
Contemporary Digital Architecture 2010
Design and Techniques. Links Internaional: Barcelona
20 Page Feature on supermanoevre including essay

Eora / Sydney —
Gadi Country
1503D/780 Bourke St, Redfern, NSW, 2016

Ngambri / Canberra —
Ngunnawal Country